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Bitcoin: ETF is “inevitable,” says SEC Former Boss

The former SEC Chair, Jay Clayton, recently expressed confidence in the imminent approval of a Bitcoin ETF, stating that it is “inevitable.” This bold claim has sparked significant interest and debate in the cryptocurrency community. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Clayton’s prediction, explore the regulatory landscape, and gather expert opinions on the potential impact of a Bitcoin ETF on the market.

The Roadblocks to a Bitcoin ETF

In his interview with CNBC’s “Last Call,” Jay Clayton identified several key issues that had hindered the approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund. One major concern was the prevalence of wash trading and manipulative trading practices, which accounted for more than 95% of BTC trading volume in the past. This lack of transparency and trustworthiness raised doubts among regulators and sophisticated market participants.

Additionally, the availability of high-quality data was another obstacle. Without reliable data, it was challenging for regulators to assess the true nature of the BTC market and its susceptibility to manipulation. These concerns were further amplified by a report from Bitwise Asset Management in March 2019, which suggested that up to 95% of Bitcoin (BTC) trading volume reported on unregulated exchanges could be fake or a result of wash trading.

Furthermore, there were regulatory issues surrounding anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) rules. Regulators were concerned about the potential for illicit activities and the lack of sufficient safeguards to prevent money laundering and fraudulent transactions within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Maturation of the Bitcoin Market

Jay Clayton believes the Bitcoin market has matured significantly, addressing concerns about Bitcoin ETF approval. Increased regulation and oversight have led to improved transparency and a more reliable trading environment. Institutional investors like Fidelity and Blackrock are interested in offering Bitcoin ETFs, adding credibility to the crypto industry. The adoption of robust AML and KYC procedures by crypto exchanges has mitigated risks associated with money laundering and fraudulent activities, building trust between regulators and the crypto industry.

The Regulatory Landscape and Future Outlook

The regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies has been evolving rapidly in recent years. Governments and regulatory bodies around the world are working to establish comprehensive frameworks that balance innovation and investor protection.

In the United States, the SEC has been at the forefront of regulating the crypto industry. Their primary concern is safeguarding investors and maintaining fair markets. As such, they have approached the approval of a Bitcoin ETF cautiously, carefully evaluating the risks and benefits.

While Jay Clayton’s statement suggests confidence in an impending approval, it is important to recognize that the SEC operates independently and has its own set of criteria for evaluating ETF applications. The agency will likely consider factors such as market manipulation, custody solutions, liquidity, and investor protection when making their decision.

Looking ahead, it is crucial for the crypto industry to continue working closely with regulators and addressing their concerns. Collaboration between market participants and regulatory bodies will foster a healthier and more robust ecosystem, increasing the chances of Bitcoin ETF approval.


The prediction of a Bitcoin ETF is imminent due to regulatory resolutions and market maturation. However, the future remains uncertain, with expert opinions varying. Some believe it will benefit from increased liquidity and accessibility, while others warn against concentration of power and market manipulation.



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