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Bitcoin (BTC): Deep Dive Into a 17-Month High

The world of cryptocurrency is abuzz with excitement as Bitcoin (BTC) hits a 17-month high, recouping the losses it sustained in last year’s crash. With rising speculation that US regulators will approve stock market funds investing directly in the cryptocurrency, traders are growing increasingly confident about the future of BTC. In this article, we will delve into the factors driving this surge, explore the potential implications, and discuss the market conditions and sentiment surrounding BTC’s recent rally.

The Rise of Bitcoin: A Recap of Recent Events

  1. Bitcoin’s Resurgence From the Terra Stablecoin Fallout

BTC, the oldest and most actively traded token, has made a remarkable recovery from the losses it suffered in the wake of the Terra stablecoin’s failure last May. The sudden downfall of Terra sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency industry, leading to a crisis of confidence and the collapse of several high-profile companies. However, BTC has managed to bounce back, buoyed by hopes that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will change its decade-long policy and approve spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) holding bitcoins.

  1. Major Institutions Joining the Bitcoin Bandwagon

Renowned names in the financial world, including BlackRock, Franklin Templeton, VanEck, and WisdomTree, have submitted filings with the SEC in anticipation of the approval of spot bitcoin ETFs. If the SEC were to accept a spot bitcoin ETF application, it would validate bitcoin as an established asset class, providing major institutions with a buy-in into the sector. Ilan Solot, co-head of digital assets at Marex, a London-based broker, believes that this development could close the book on rogue and unregulated institutions leading the way on crypto.

  1. The SEC’s Dilemma

While crypto advocates argue that bitcoin ETFs offer consumers a cheap and safe way to trade the token, the SEC has expressed concerns about market manipulation. The regulator has been under pressure since a Washington court ruled that the agency was wrong to reject an application by asset manager Grayscale to turn its flagship vehicle, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, into an ETF. This ruling has put the SEC in a challenging position, and market participants will closely watch its forthcoming rulings on the ETF filings.

Bitcoin ETFs: A Game Changer for the Crypto Market?

BTC ETFs could significantly benefit the crypto market by providing regulated access to BTC, attracting a wider range of participants, and increasing liquidity. Market sentiment and speculation are predicting a surge in bitcoin prices if the SEC approves these ETFs. The listing of BlackRock’s planned bitcoin ETF at the US securities market’s main clearing house has fueled optimism. However, false rumours of BlackRock’s ETF approval have also caused a temporary spike in BTC prices. Investor interest in BTC ETFs has increased, with investors pouring $179 million into digital asset funds over the past four weeks, likely linked to the excitement surrounding the potential approval of a spot BTC ETF. The market will closely monitor the SEC’s decisions and their impact on investor sentiment.


BTC’s recent surge to a 17-month high demonstrates the resilience and potential of the cryptocurrency market. The anticipation of the SEC’s approval of spot bitcoin ETFs has bolstered market sentiment and attracted the attention of major financial institutions. If approved, these ETFs could provide a regulated and accessible avenue for investors to participate in the BTC market. As the SEC prepares to make its rulings on the ETF filings, the crypto community eagerly awaits the potential game-changing decision that could solidify BTC’s status as an established asset class.



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