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Bitcoin: Valkyrie Amends Their Bitcoin Spot ETF Filling

The landscape of Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is evolving rapidly, with various firms making amendments to their spot Bitcoin ETF filings. In this article, we will take a closer look at the recent amendments made by Valkyrie Investments to their BTC spot ETF filing. We will explore the reasons behind these changes, the regulatory considerations, and the potential implications for the crypto ETF market.

The amended Spot Bitcoin ETF Filing

Valkyrie Investments has filed an updated spot Bitcoin ETF with the SEC, offering investors the opportunity to invest in common shares backed by BTC. The updated Form S-1 registration statement aims to offer investors a fractional undivided beneficial interest in the trust, expected to be traded under the ticker symbol “BRRR” on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The filing acknowledges that the prospectus is not complete and prohibits selling BRRR securities until the registration statement is effective.

A sign of progress in the Bitcoin ETF space

Valkyrie’s amended spot Bitcoin ETF filing is not an isolated event. It joins at least six other recently amended spot BTC ETF filings made by prominent firms such as Bitwise, BlackRock, Fidelity, Grayscale, VanEck, and ARK Invest. This wave of amendments is being viewed as a positive sign of progress and potential future approvals in the BTC ETF space.

James Seyffart, a Bloomberg ETF analyst, sees these amendments as evidence of movement happening behind the scenes. He suggests that the ongoing updates to BTC ETF filings indicate progress towards potential regulatory approvals. While Valkyrie’s filing is an important milestone, there are still several other spot Bitcoin ETF filers who have not yet updated their filings.

Pending Amendments: WisdomTree, Invesco, Galaxy, Global X, Hashdex, Franklin Templeton

Among the known spot Bitcoin ETF filers, at least five firms have not yet made amendments to their filings. These include WisdomTree, Invesco, Galaxy, Global X, Hashdex, and Franklin Templeton. It is worth noting that the SEC currently has eight to ten filings of possible spot BTC ETFs awaiting consideration.

The fact that some firms have not yet amended their filings raises questions about their strategies and the potential regulatory hurdles they may be facing. While Valkyrie and other firms have taken steps to update their filings, it remains to be seen how the SEC will evaluate and approve these BTC spot ETFs.

The Regulatory Landscape and Implications

The SEC is actively addressing regulatory concerns surrounding Bitcoin spot ETFs, with various firms amending their filings. The potential approval of these ETFs could have significant implications for the cryptocurrency market and investors, as they offer a regulated way for investors to gain exposure to BTC without directly owning the digital asset. However, the SEC’s decision-making process is complex and involves assessing factors like market manipulation, investor protection, and market stability.


Valkyrie Investments has made amendments to its spot Bitcoin ETF filing, signalling progress and potential future approvals. This indicates active engagement between the crypto industry and the SEC. The potential approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs would attract institutional investors and legitimize Bitcoin as an investment asset. As the regulatory landscape evolves, investors are eagerly awaiting the SEC’s decisions on these filings. The future of Bitcoin spot ETFs holds promise, but it remains to be seen how the SEC will evaluate and approve these investment products.



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