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Blockchain Featured Stories

G20 Set To Move Forward With Crypto Framework

The G20, comprising the world’s largest economies, is implementing a cross-border framework for crypto assets to improve information exchange and establish a standardized approach to cryptocurrencies regulation. The leaders have pledged to swiftly implement the Crypto-Asset Reporting Framework (CARF) and amendments to the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), which will have significant implications for the crypto […]

Blockchain Featured Stories

India’s Official Crypto Position To Be Analyzed

India, a country with a burgeoning cryptocurrency industry, has been closely examining its official stance on crypto assets. Recent developments indicate that India is in the process of analyzing and deciding its position on cryptocurrencies in the coming months. This decision has the potential to significantly impact the adoption and development of crypto within the […]

Featured Stories Uncategorized

France Look To License Those Who Promote Crypto

France has introduced the “Responsible Influence Certificate” license for financial sector influencers, known as “finfluencers,” to ensure responsible advertising practices and protect retail investors. This move could significantly impact the promotion of cryptocurrencies in France, potentially reshaping the landscape of crypto promotion in the country. The Responsible Influence Certificate License The Responsible Influence Certificate, launched […]

Artificial Intelligence Featured Stories

AI-Powered Crypto Chatbots Gain Traction Improving Trading

The financial sector has been a pioneer in technology development, constantly seeking innovative ways to boost productivity and offer investors new options. The emergence of blockchain technology and digital currencies has transformed traditional finance, while AI is making a significant impact. As investors seek new ways to trade, AI-powered cryptocurrency chatbots are increasingly popular. The […]

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