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Mobile App Telegram Integrates TON Crypto Wallet

Telegram, the popular chat app with 800 million monthly active users, has made a significant move in the world of cryptocurrency by integrating the TON (The Open Network) crypto wallet into its platform. This integration aims to solidify Telegram’s position within the vibrant crypto community and potentially drive mass adoption of digital assets.

Introducing the TON-based Self-Custodial Wallet

Telegram’s self-custodial wallet, known as TON Space, was jointly announced by Telegram and TON Foundation during the Token2049 crypto conference in Singapore. This wallet, developed by The Open Platform (TOP), offers Telegram users a seamless and secure way to manage their digital assets.

Unlike centralized wallets where users have limited control over their funds, a self-custodial wallet gives users complete ownership and control of their digital assets. This shift towards self-custody reflects the growing demand within the crypto community for decentralized solutions that prioritize user control and security.

Starting in November, Telegram’s global users will have access to TON Space without the need for wallet registration. The wallet is an extension of Telegram’s existing custodial version, which has already attracted three million registered users. However, certain jurisdictions, such as the United States, are excluded due to regulatory concerns and the crackdown on the crypto industry.

The Rise of Telegram as a Super App

Telegram is transforming into a “super app” similar to WeChat, introducing third-party mini-apps and decentralized payments. Developers can now create crypto-compatible mini-apps by integrating with the TON Space wallet, rather than relying on a centralized solution. This integration allows Telegram to introduce a significant number of users, particularly unbanked populations in developing countries, to digital assets. This opens up new possibilities for developers to manage the flow of digital assets through their projects, such as creating private communities requiring users to have a specific NFT-based key.

Encouraging Adoption and Popularizing Decentralized Apps

Telegram’s self-custodial wallet aims to address the limitations of existing crypto wallets. Traditional wallets often require users to go through complex registration processes, hindering widespread adoption. Additionally, web-based wallets lack distribution channels, making it challenging for developers to promote their decentralized apps effectively.

In contrast, Telegram is offering priority access to TON projects and partners through its global advertising platform. This move aims to incentivize developers to build on the TON blockchain and promote the adoption of decentralized apps within the Telegram ecosystem. By doing so, Telegram hopes to encourage the integration of gateways to cryptocurrency in everyday platforms.

The Signal of Change in the Messaging App Landscape

Telegram is integrating TON with other messaging apps, such as Signal, which has developed its own crypto payments solution in partnership with MobileCoin. However, Signal’s focus on end-to-end encryption limits its ability to create communities and facilitate social interaction around cryptocurrencies, while Telegram offers a more open environment for community creation and engagement.

Conclusion: Telegram Paves the Way for Mainstream Crypto Adoption

Telegram has integrated the TON crypto wallet, marking a significant milestone for the platform and the crypto community. With its large user base and self-custodial wallets, Telegram can bring digital assets to everyday users, especially those in underserved regions. This move sets a precedent for other messaging apps to incorporate gateways to cryptocurrency, opening new opportunities for mainstream adoption. The integration of decentralized solutions like TON Space within Telegram will drive widespread digital asset usage.



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