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Ripple Plans To Acquire Fintech Provider Fortress Trust

Blockchain company Ripple has revealed their ambitions to buy Nevada-based financial and technological infrastructure business Fortress Trust, which is an intriguing step to broaden their product line and reinforce its Web3 infrastructure. With the acquisition, Ripple hopes to strengthen its portfolio of regulatory licenses and acquire a competitive edge in key sectors of the crypto infrastructure.

Ripple’s Strategic Acquisition of Fortress Trust

Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition, highlighting the potential for accelerating Ripple’s business growth and positioning the company at the forefront of crypto infrastructure. This strategic move follows Ripple’s initial investment in Fortress during the company’s seed round in August 2022.

Fortress Trust has quickly established itself as a reputable provider of financial and technology infrastructure services. With a diverse customer base that includes both crypto-native and traditional finance clients, Fortress Trust brings valuable expertise and a solid foundation to Ripple’s ecosystem.

The Potential Impact of the Ripple Acquisition

Strengthening Regulatory Licenses

One of the significant benefits of acquiring Fortress Trust is the addition of their Nevada Trust license to Ripple’s portfolio of regulatory licenses. These licenses play a vital role in improving the overall user experience and opening up new opportunities for product growth. Ripple President Monica Long emphasized the importance of regulatory licenses in enhancing the company’s offerings and ensuring compliance in various jurisdictions.

Expanding Ripple’s Ecosystem

By integrating Fortress Trust’s financial and technology infrastructure services, Ripple aims to expand its ecosystem and provide a broader range of solutions to its customers. This acquisition allows Ripple to tap into Fortress Trust’s extensive customer base and leverage their existing relationships with both crypto-native and traditional finance clients. The collaboration between the two companies will enable Ripple to offer innovative products and services that cater to a wider audience.

Leveraging Fortress Trust’s Expertise

With Fortress Trust’s experienced team joining Ripple, the acquisition brings valuable expertise and industry knowledge to the table. Scott Purcell, CEO of Fortress Blockchain Technologies, expressed his excitement about the acquisition, highlighting Ripple’s reputation as one of the largest and most innovative companies in the industry. The collaboration between the two teams is expected to lead to the development of cutting-edge solutions and advancements in crypto infrastructure.

What is Fortress Trust?

Fortress Trust, founded just two years ago by Scott Purcell, is a Nevada-based financial and technology infrastructure provider. The company has quickly established itself as a trusted name in the industry, serving a diverse range of clients, including both crypto-native companies and traditional finance institutions.

Fortress Trust offers a wide range of services, including custodial solutions, payment processing, and regulatory compliance support. Their Nevada Trust license allows them to operate as a regulated entity, ensuring the security and compliance of their clients’ assets. By partnering with Ripple, Fortress Trust can leverage Ripple’s advanced payments technology and further enhance their product offerings.


An important development in Ripple’s growth and expansion strategy is the company’s ambitions to purchase Fortress Trust. The financial and technological infrastructure services of Fortress Trust will be integrated by Ripple in an effort to expand its portfolio of regulatory licenses and enlarge its ecosystem. Ripple will be able to provide cutting-edge solutions to a larger audience thanks to this strategic move, which will make use of Fortress Trust’s experience and knowledge of the market.



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