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Cardano Partners with World Mobile to Bring Web3 to Africa

Cardano (ADA) and World Mobile have teamed with the goal of revolutionizing connectivity and granting access to crucial services in Africa. By utilizing the potential of blockchain technology, this ground-breaking initiative aims to close the digital divide and empower people in underserved regions.

The Vision for a Connected Africa

Cardano and World Mobile are partnering to provide affordable local internet connections in Zanzibar and Tanzania. The partnership aims to use renewable energy sources and the IOG Atala PRISM solution on Cardano’s blockchain infrastructure to establish a network node, enabling the unconnected in Africa to connect.

Cardano Empowering Individuals and Businesses

World Mobile has partnered with Atala PRISM to create a network that not only provides internet access but also serves as a platform for business owners. The network will establish local relays, offering affordable internet connections and access to essential services like digital banking and healthcare. World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that it will open new opportunities for users in the region and emphasize the importance of empowering individuals through connectivity. Watkins emphasized the need for a sustainable model that ensures access for all, focusing on ownership, governance, and identity to empower users and make access available to all in a sustainable way.

Cardano Transforming Education and Beyond

Cardano and World Mobile are partnering to transform the Ethiopian education system with Cardano’s Atala PRISM solution. The initiative aims to provide customized education, combat academic fraud, and enhance resource distribution efficiency. Over 5 million students and 750,000 teachers across 3,500 schools in Ethiopia will benefit from this ground breaking implementation. The long-term vision is to enable data-driven education policies and establish a robust infrastructure. Cardano’s blockchain technology will create a transparent and efficient system, enhancing learning outcomes and empowering students and educators.

Cardano’s Commitment to Africa

Cardano, a blockchain technology company, has partnered with World Mobile and the Ethiopian government to demonstrate its commitment to Africa and its belief in the transformative power of blockchain technology. IOG has also taken a 10% stake in World Mobile Group, solidifying its dedication to the region. CEO Charles Hoskinson sees Africa as a driving force for global blockchain adoption and envisions ADA at the center of Africa’s development, facilitating its growth and breaking down barriers that have hindered progress. With its decentralized and scalable infrastructure, ADA aims to enable developing countries to leapfrog advanced industrialized economies by adopting next-generation infrastructure.

The Impact on Africa’s Future

Cardano and World Mobile have formed a partnership that could significantly improve Africa’s education sector. The partnership will provide internet connectivity and access to digital banking and healthcare, enabling underserved communities to access new opportunities and enhance their quality of life. Cardano’s blockchain technology will also revolutionize the education sector in Ethiopia, combating academic fraud and enhancing resource distribution. This initiative could elevate the educational landscape and pave the way for data-driven policies benefiting future generations. Africa’s untapped potential is poised to lead in blockchain adoption, demonstrating Cardano’s dedication to driving social and economic progress through technology.

ADA, utilizing blockchain technology and partnerships, is expanding its impact in Africa, with the potential to connect millions, transform industries, and empower communities. This shift towards connectivity and access to essential services is seen as fundamental rights, not just luxuries.



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