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Bitcoin Cash is on its way. $300, let’s take a look.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been catching attention with its recent price movements. Investors and traders are closely monitoring its trajectory, speculating on whether it will reach the coveted $300 mark. In this article, we will delve into the factors and developments contributing to BCH’s price movement and explore the dynamics of the BCH market.

Bitcoin Cash: The Recent Bullish Momentum

Over the past ten days, Bitcoin Cash has experienced a surge in buying pressure, reflecting a strong bullish sentiment among investors. The price action has been optimistic, with the token breaching a significant resistance zone at $250 and transforming it into a demand zone. Higher time frame charts, such as the daily and weekly, further reinforce the bullish bias for BCH.

A Healthy Pullback and Renewed Momentum

Following a remarkable rally from around $100 to $329 in June, Bitcoin Cash experienced a healthy pullback to $180 before resuming its upward trajectory. This pullback, marked by a bearish order block on the H12 chart, was eventually broken, indicating a renewal of bullish momentum.

Bullish Intent on the Four-Hour Chart

Analyzing the four-hour chart, we observe a clear indication of bullish intent in the market structure and momentum. Balance volume (OBV), a key indicator of buying and selling pressure, trended upward. Although the trend was initially slow in September and early October, intense buying pressure in mid-October caused OBV to spike higher. The surge in trading volume, reflected in the volume bars, demonstrates conviction in the market.

Bitcoin Cash: Key Levels of Resistance and Support

The $250 psychological level, previously a bearish H12 order block, now serves as a strong support level for BCH. Fibonacci levels plotted for the recent rally indicate potential levels of resistance for the bulls at $284, $301, and $309. However, despite these potential hurdles, the highest-term clearance heat map for BCH suggests that the next area of interest lies at $300. Additionally, the price of $275 could also pose some resistance.

Short-Term Pullback and Buying Opportunity

Although BCH has been riding a bullish wave, a short-term pullback may be on the horizon. The liquidation levels chart indicates that a move towards the $265 zone could trigger some short liquidations. This, in turn, might prompt traders to go forward more aggressively, generating liquidity in the market. Furthermore, a drop to the $235–$245 region could present a buying opportunity, with a target of $284 (Fibonacci extension level) or higher.

The Role of Bitcoin (BTC) in Bitcoin Cash Price Movements

It is important to note that the price movements of Bitcoin (BTC) can significantly impact BCH in the short term. If Bitcoin experiences a drop, bearish sentiment may temporarily take over the BCH market. Therefore, it is crucial for traders to closely monitor BTC’s movements alongside BCH.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is experiencing bullish momentum, potentially reaching $300. Recent buying pressure and resistance levels’ transformation into support zones suggest a positive outlook. Traders should prepare for a short-term pullback but monitor Bitcoin’s movements to make informed decisions about BCH’s price trajectory. Staying updated on BCH’s dynamics is crucial.



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