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Bitcoin: Long-term investors still hold 76% of BTC.

The popularity of Bitcoin (BTC) is attracting both experienced and new investors. Glassnode’s data shows long-term holders control 76% of the supply, a record high in the cryptocurrency’s history. This article will explore the implications of this distribution, the reasons behind its dominance, and its impact on market stability.

Bitcoin: The Rise of Long-Term Holders

Bitcoin’s long-term holders have steadily increased their presence in the market, with the percentage of BTC supply they control reaching an all-time high. This trend is highlighted by Charles Edwards, founder of Capriole Investments, who notes that “76.2% of the BTC network is locked up with long-term holders today, topping the record set in 2015.” This means that a significant portion of the available BTC supply is held by investors who have a low-time preference, choosing to store their coins for the long haul.

Bitcoin: The Low-Time Preference Advantage

The dominance of long-term holders has significant implications for the cryptocurrency market. As the supply of BTC increases with each block, the percentage controlled by LTHs remains high, leading to a scarcity of available coins for other market participants. Charles Edwards points out that “less liquid supply means the same people are bidding on fewer coins.” This dynamic creates a situation where the demand for BTC from potential buyers competes for a limited supply, potentially driving up prices.

Bitcoin’s Supply and Demand Economics

While the demand for Bitcoin has fluctuated over the years, the overall trend shows a clear increase. Edwards highlights that the reduced supply combined with growing demand puts upward pressure on the price of BTC. He explains, “We have never had BTC’s supply this constricted going into a halving.” This constricted supply, coupled with heightened demand, sets the stage for a potential price surge in the current market cycle.

Implications for Market Stability

The distribution of BTC holdings between long-term holders and short-term holders has important implications for market stability. The strong presence of long-term holders provides a level of stability and insulation against short-term market volatility. Their low-time preference approach helps prevent rapid price fluctuations caused by panic selling or sudden market shifts. The long-term perspective of these investors can contribute to a more measured and sustainable growth trajectory for BTC.

Bitcoin as a Store of Value

The dominance of long-term holders also reinforces the perception of Bitcoin as a store of value. Their willingness to hold onto BTC for extended periods indicates confidence in the cryptocurrency’s potential for long-term appreciation. This confidence can attract new investors who view BTC as a reliable asset that can protect their wealth over time.

Market manipulation and price stability

The large presence of long-term holders can act as a deterrent to market manipulation. With a substantial portion of the BTC supply locked up, it becomes more challenging for malicious actors to influence prices through coordinated buying or selling. This factor contributes to price stability and fosters trust in the market, attracting more participants and further reinforcing Bitcoin’s position as a leading digital asset.


Bitcoin’s long-term holders hold 76% of the supply, a record high. This dominance affects market dynamics, price stability, and Bitcoin’s value perception. Short-term hodlers provide liquidity and facilitate trading. Understanding Bitcoin’s distribution and investor behavior is crucial for informed investment decisions. As Bitcoin evolves, the balance between long-term and short-term investors will shape the cryptocurrency’s future trajectory.



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