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Bitcoin Cash Rises Slightly; What’s In Store for BCH?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has shown moderate volatility in comparison to other cryptocurrencies. On Wednesday, the digital currency experienced a slight increase of 0.19%, reaching $226.83. This article will analyze the recent price increase of BCH and explore its potential implications for investors.

Bitcoin Cash Volatility Rank and Analysis

Bitcoin Cash has a volatility rank of 40, indicating moderate volatility. This places BCH in the bottom 40% of cryptocurrencies in the market. However, it’s important to note that the Volatility Gauge analyzes the overall volatility of the coin, considering multiple factors rather than relying on a single day’s performance.

BCH’s moderate volatility is complemented by a low reading on the Risk/Reward Gauge, suggesting that the coin experiences moderate price swings and is less susceptible to price manipulation. These factors together indicate that BCH has a favourable position in the market.

Support and Resistance Levels

The current price of Bitcoin Cash indicates that the coin has support near $223.8 and resistance near $230.37. This positioning suggests that BCH has room for further growth before encountering significant selling pressures.

Understanding Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that operates on its own blockchain network. It is primarily used for making payments and transactions. The specific use cases for BCH may vary within different sub-classes of digital currency.

Recent Price Movements of Other Cryptocurrencies

In addition to BCH, other cryptocurrencies have also experienced notable price movements. For instance, Stellar (XLM) has fallen to $0.103222106, resulting in a bearish sentiment. Bitcoin SV (BSV) has exhibited moderate volatility and a rising trend, leading some investors to consider cashing out. Monero (XMR), on the other hand, has a bearish sentiment and is currently underperforming the broader crypto market.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has experienced a slight increase in price, displaying moderate volatility compared to other cryptocurrencies. With support near $223.8 and resistance near $230.37, BCH has room for further growth.



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