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Could the Bitcoin (BTC) ETF approval skyrocket the crypto marketcap?

The potential approval of Bitcoin ETFs could significantly impact the cryptocurrency market, potentially increasing BTC’s market capitalization by $900 billion and potentially expanding the total crypto market by an additional $1 trillion. This article analyzes the impact of BTC ETF approval on overall cryptocurrency market capitalization, investor sentiment, and altcoins.

Bitcoin: The Next Wave of Institutional Participation

CryptoQuant suggests that the next significant wave of institutional participation could come from financial institutions offering BTC access to their clients through spot ETFs. The previous wave of institutional adoption occurred in 2020–2021, when major institutions added BTC to their balance sheets. Therefore, the approval of spot BTC ETFs could trigger a similar push this time around.

Major financial institutions applying for regulatory permission

Several major financial institutions in the United States have already applied for regulatory permission to launch spot Bitcoin ETFs with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). These approvals could materialize by March 2024 at the latest, marking a significant milestone in the cryptocurrency industry. If these approvals are granted, it is anticipated that the potential inflow of funds resulting from spot ETFs could surpass the capital inflow into the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) during the previous bull market cycle.

Potential Inflow of Funds into the Bitcoin Market

According to CryptoQuant’s report, if the issuers of these Bitcoin ETFs allocate just 1% of their Assets Under Management (AUM) to these funds, it could bring approximately $155 billion into the BTC market. This amount represents nearly a third of BTC’s existing market capitalization. Under this hypothetical scenario, Bitcoin’s price could potentially surge to as much as $73,000.

Impact on Investor Sentiment and Altcoins

The approval of Bitcoin ETFs could have a significant impact on investor sentiment. Institutional investors, who have been cautious about entering the cryptocurrency market, may view the approval of regulated ETFs as a signal of increased legitimacy and stability. This could lead to a surge in institutional investment in BTC and potentially other cryptocurrencies as well.

However, some experts argue that the approval of Bitcoin ETFs may divert attention and investment away from altcoins. Altcoins, or alternative cryptocurrencies, have gained popularity in recent years as investors sought opportunities beyond BTC. The introduction of Bitcoin ETFs may cause a shift in focus back to BTC, potentially leading to a decrease in altcoin investment.

Expert Perspectives on the Implications

Industry experts have shared their perspectives on the implications of Bitcoin ETF approval. Some believe that it could lead to increased adoption and mainstream acceptance of BTC as it becomes more accessible to a wider range of investors. Others caution that the approval of BTC ETFs may introduce new risks and challenges, such as increased market volatility and potential regulatory scrutiny.


The approval of Bitcoin ETFs could significantly boost the cryptocurrency market, potentially increasing BTC’s market capitalization by $1 trillion. Investors are eagerly awaiting regulatory decisions, as they signal increased institutional participation and new investment.



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