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What Next For Bitcoin Options Equalling To $640 Million?

Bitcoin, the pioneering cryptocurrency, is on the verge of a significant shakeup as options contract worth a substantial $640 million are about to expire. This impending expiration has caught the attention of investors and traders worldwide, as it could potentially impact the price and volatility of the flagship digital currency.

Bitcoin: Understanding the Options Contracts

Bitcoin’s options contracts, valued at $640 million, are set to expire, with 24,000 expiring contracts. These contracts allow investors to buy or sell BTC at a predetermined price within a specified timeframe. The put-call ratio for these expiring options is 1.23, suggesting a higher number of put options compared to call options. 

The max pain point for these contracts is $27,000, suggesting a significant impact on the options market if Bitcoin’s price approaches or breaches this level. Weekly positions in BTC options have surged by 70%, with put positions comprising 60% of the total volume. This bearish sentiment among options traders is unusual, as BTC remains the dominant force in the market, despite Ethereum’s expiring contracts.

Bitcoin’s Price Stability Amidst Expiring Options

Despite the impending expiration of these options contracts, Bitcoin has been exhibiting relative price stability. Currently trading at $26,785, the price has experienced minor fluctuations within a 24-hour range of $26,570 to $26,911. This stability is particularly noteworthy given the scale of the expiring options contracts.

With a robust market capitalization of approximately $522.65 billion and a 24-hour trading volume of about $10.53 billion, BTC’s current stability may indicate investor confidence or a wait-and-see approach.

Implications for Bitcoin’s Future

As the options contracts with a significant notional value are set to expire, it is essential to examine the potential implications for BTC’s future. Several scenarios could unfold, each with its own impact on the price and market conditions.

Scenario 1: Increased Volatility and Price Decline

One possible outcome is an increase in volatility after the options expiration. As a substantial number of put options are set to expire, a bearish sentiment among option holders may lead to increased selling pressure. This selling pressure could potentially drive the price of BTC lower, resulting in a price decline.

If the price of Bitcoin breaches the max pain point of $27,000, it could trigger a cascade of further selling and amplify the downward pressure on the market. Traders and investors should closely monitor the price action and consider implementing appropriate risk management strategies to navigate potential market turbulence.

Scenario 2: Limited Impact on Bitcoin Price

Another scenario is that the expiration of the options contracts may have a limited impact on Bitcoin’s price. Despite the large notional value of the expiring contracts, the overall market sentiment and demand for Bitcoin may outweigh the influence of these options.

If the market continues to exhibit strength and investor confidence remains intact, Bitcoin’s price could remain relatively stable or even continue its upward trajectory. This scenario would indicate that the expiration of the options contracts had minimal repercussions on the broader market.


The expiration date of $640 million worth of BTC options contracts is causing a bearish sentiment among options traders. However, Bitcoin’s current price stability despite expiring options suggests the market is holding steady. The impact of the expiration on volatility and price decline remains to be seen.



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