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Artificial Intelligence Featured Stories

Will Meta’s AI Model Become OpensAI’s Greatest Rival?

Meta, a leading tech giant, is set to create a new AI model that will directly compete with OpenAI’s most advanced offerings, marking a significant milestone in the AI arms race, as Meta aims to surpass its rivals and establish itself as a formidable AI technology player.

Meta’s Ambitious Development

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Meta is working on an AI system that aims to be as powerful as OpenAI’s GPT-4, the latest version of OpenAI’s large language model. The new AI model being developed by Meta is expected to be several times more powerful than its previously released Llama 2 AI model. Meta’s ambitious goal is to create an AI model that can rival OpenAI’s most advanced offering in terms of performance and capabilities.

OpenAI’s Dominance and Meta’s Catch-Up Strategy

Meta, a rival to OpenAI, is aiming to fill the gap in AI research and investment. By investing in data centers and acquiring Nvidia’s H100 semiconductor chips, Meta aims to develop a powerful AI system capable of competing with OpenAI’s offerings. These chips are essential for training large language models and will enable Meta to develop a high-level AI system that can compete with OpenAI’s cutting-edge models and technology.

Meta’s Open-Source Approach

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is advocating for the release of an open-source AI model, allowing other companies to use and build upon Meta’s AI tools for various applications like text generation and analysis. Despite concerns about potential misuse, such as misinformation or copyright infringement, Meta believes that open-sourcing will accelerate its catch-up strategy and help close the gap with OpenAI. The model’s flexibility and innovation are a key focus for Meta’s lawyers.

Meta’s Battle for AI Supremacy

Meta’s increased focus on AI aligns with the growing interest and demand for AI technologies. Mark Zuckerberg has highlighted AI as a key theme for the company, emphasizing its significance in shaping Meta’s future direction. However, Meta faces fierce competition from tech giants like OpenAI and Microsoft, who have already made significant strides in AI research and development.

To compete effectively, Meta has been actively acquiring the necessary resources and infrastructure, such as data centres and high-performance chips, to support its AI ambitions. By investing in these critical components, Meta aims to strengthen its research capabilities and train a powerful AI model that can rival OpenAI’s most advanced offering.

The Implications of Meta’s AI Model

Meta’s development of a new AI model has far-reaching implications for the AI landscape. If successful, Meta’s AI model could potentially become OpenAI’s greatest rival, challenging its dominance in the industry. This competition is beneficial for the advancement of AI technology, as it encourages innovation and pushes companies to continuously improve their AI models.

Moreover, Meta’s open-source approach introduces a new dimension to the AI ecosystem. By making its AI model freely accessible, Meta empowers other companies and researchers to leverage its technology, fostering collaboration and driving further advancements in the field.


Meta is aiming to develop a new AI model to compete with OpenAI, marking a significant milestone in the AI arms race. With ambitious goals and an open-source approach, Meta aims to become OpenAI’s greatest rival and bridge the gap in AI research and development. With increased competition, Meta’s determination and strategic approach position it as a strong contender in the race for AI supremacy.



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