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Solana (SOL) NFT Project Aurory Raises $30 Million

The Solana (SOL) NFT project Aurory has caused a stir in the cryptocurrency gaming industry by raising an astounding $30 million and selling out all of its offerings in record time. The project’s success demonstrates both the promise of the Solana ecosystem and the rising popularity of NFTs.

The Rise of Aurory

Aurory, powered by the Solana blockchain, is an NFT-driven game franchise that has captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts and gamers alike. The project’s recent achievements have cemented its position as a major player in the crypto gaming space.

Record-Breaking Sales

In August 2021, Aurory sold 10,000 profile pictures (PFPs) in under 3 seconds, raising 10,000k SOL, equivalent to approximately $1.4 million. Despite a minting cost bug that resulted in a lower price than intended, the project’s sales figures demonstrate its high demand and the enthusiasm of its community.

Successful IDO

Aurory further solidified its position in the market by raising over $108 million in its initial DEX offering (IDO) for its AURY token. The IDO, which took place on October 24th, attracted significant attention from investors, showcasing the project’s potential for growth and expansion.

Impact on the Solana Ecosystem

Aurory’s success has had a positive ripple effect on the Solana ecosystem. As a project built on the Solana blockchain, Aurory’s achievements contribute to the network’s exposure and showcase its capabilities as a platform for gaming and NFT projects.

Increased Awareness and Adoption

The record-breaking sales and substantial fundraising by Aurory have drawn attention to the Solana ecosystem. This increased exposure has led to a rise in the number of developers, investors, and users exploring and adopting Solana for their own projects. The success of Aurory serves as proof of concept for the viability of building on Solana.

Boosting the Solana Community

Aurory’s accomplishments have also strengthened the Solana community. With its fervent Discord and Telegram following, Aurory has cultivated an engaged community of supporters who are passionate about the project and the Solana ecosystem as a whole. This community-driven approach fosters collaboration and encourages the growth of the Solana network.

The Future of Solana Gaming

Aurory’s achievements are indicative of the thriving Solana gaming landscape. Projects like Aurory demonstrate the potential of the Solana blockchain for creating immersive and engaging gaming experiences, backed by the security and efficiency of the Solana network.

Expanding to Other Chains

While Aurory initially launched on the Solana blockchain, the project has recently announced plans to expand its reach by adding cross-chain support for Aurory NFTs and its AURY token with the Ethereum scaling network, Arbitrum. This move aims to tap into new crypto communities and their liquidity, further enhancing the project’s growth and reach.


Continued Innovation and Development

Projects built on the Solana blockchain continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming and NFT space. With its upcoming RPG game, Aurory promises players an immersive experience where they can earn $AURY and NFTs while completing quests, solving enigmas, and defeating opponents. This innovative gameplay, coupled with the project’s financial success, highlights the potential for further advancements in Solana gaming.


The Aurory NFT project from Solana (SOL) has had a big impact on the cryptocurrency gaming industry. Aurory has raised $30 million and gained interest from investors and gamers thanks to its record-breaking sales and prosperous IDO. The project’s successes demonstrate the potential for innovation and progress in Solana gaming in addition to helping the ecosystem grow and gain awareness. The future is promising for both Aurory and the Solana network as a whole as it grows to other chains and keeps pushing the limits of what is feasible in the gaming and NFT sector.



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